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Happy New Year!

Last year was a down year for me. I wasn’t as active on social media as I have been in the past and I barely blogged at all. I’m going to be changing that for 2023. As we begin this new year, I wanted to quickly share what my plans are going forward.

My 2023 Website Plans

Fresh Paint

This website is my personal site for me, Ricardo N Feliciano. It’s mainly a blog but serves as an about me and portfolio as well. I love my current theme but I’ve used it for a few years now and I think it’s time for fresh paint. Stay tuned for that.


Also, I plan to double down on the blog section. Not only will this mean posting more, but enhancing the blog-centric features of my website. A way to track categories and tags, search, etc. The reading experience will be improved later this year.

Open Source Projects

I’ve been working throughout 2022 on my open source projects however I want to do more in 2023.

  1. I will continue to work on my projects and try to do better. This includes my recent work on Sonar, Arc, TMHI (which I haven’t even formally announced yet), and more.
  2. I’ve been so focused on my own projects that I haven’t contributed back to other open source projects much last year. I hope to change that this year.
  3. More modules will be added to my collection of open source Go modules on GitHub called GopherLibs.

New Media

I’ve dabbled in producing podcasts and YouTube videos in the past. All of those projects kind of died but I’m looking to take another stab at it. Any ideas? Preferences?


I know there’s been a whole whirlwind over on Twitter and suddenly Mastodon is popular. I’ve been using (and running my own) Mastodon for 2 years now though I will admit, I’ve been using it more recently. My Mastodon server is called Nanobyte.Cafe (it’s tech focused) and you can find me at https://nanobyte.cafe/@FelicianoTech. I have a Mastodon icon up at the top of my site and it will continue to be there as a quick link.

See you around.

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