Three Years In, I Have a New Role at CircleCI

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At the start of 2016 I signed on to be a Developer Evangelist at CircleCI. I left Linode and New Jersey behind to drive across the entire country. I settled into San Francisco and started my new job at this little startup with less than 50 people.

Three years later I’m back home in New York City, completed my U.S. Navy contract, had a baby girl (thank you for the time off CircleCI), and the company is now at 150+ people. A lot has changed with the platform as well.

A Year In

After my first year at CircleCI, we launched CircleCI 2.0. A change that elevated what we had from a product to a proper platform delivering unbelievable power. I find myself fortunate to have seen a project like that grow internally.

Two Years In

After my second year at CircleCI, we had a very big launch and a very subtle launch. The big launch was us creating an entirely new ecosystem in the CI space that is certainly beginning to reach into the overall DevOps community. This was CircleCI Orbs, a Continuous Integration package manager.

The more subtle launch was our new Open Source focused landing page on which can be found here. I’ve tried to advocate on behalf of open source at CircleCI for awhile now and my frequent shouts have been met with an acknowledgement of value throughout CircleCI. This new page isn’t a beginning of support for open source either. CircleCI has always provided support with free plans, even on costly macOS hardware, and now the Orbs ecosystem which is built on a foundation of open source principles.

The new Open Source page at CircleCI, as well as the new segment is has right on the homepage, are great.

Three Years In

This past Friday was my 3 year anniversary at CircleCI. With a new ecosystem of Orbs and a rapidly growing community, I’ve taken on the role of Community & Partner Engineer joining the newly formed team of the same name. Let’s see what 2019 has in store.


My title at CircleCI has changed from a Developer Advocate to a Community & Partner Engineer.

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