I Made a New Gravatar Go Module/Library

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I’m writing a project in Go where I’ll have an entire user system. Logins, passwords, etc. As I narrowed down the feature list for the MVP, I decided I didn’t want to support proper profile picture management. Instead, for the MVP I will only support Gravatar and made a quick Go module for it.

For those who don’t know, Gravatar is a Globally Recognized - avatar, a great system for users to use the same profile picture across the Internet. Learn more about them here.

Doing some quick research, I saw that there was a few existing Go libraries for Gravatar including one made by Automattic themselves. Each one at a different problem, all fixable. My biggest concern was that the best three all seemed to be abandoned, with last commits from 2 - 6 years ago. This means they haven’t been updated to support newer versions of Go and Go module support in particular.

I made my own Gravatar module for Go generically called go-gravatar which you can find at https://github.com/revidian-cloud/go-gravatar. The initial release only supports Gravatar images, which is their main feature, the avatars you see around the Internet. I will be adding support for profiles in the future.

Unlike other Gravatar modules on GitHub, my module does actually follow Gravatar’s rules when it comes to converting an email to a hash, max picture size, etc. Like all my open source projects, feedbacks, Issues, and PRs are welcomed!

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