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Hugo is a static site generator (SSG) and it is awesome.

I’m working on a Hugo project and it made me wonder, “Which operating systems is Hugo used the most on?”. So I created a poll on the Hugo forums to find out. I then decided to take it a step further and enlist the help of some GitHub data as well.

Below you’ll find all of my results.

OS Usage Based on Forum Results

I created a poll asking the Hugo Forums to share which OS they use Hugo on. I used the supported OSs listed on the Hugo readme as the options, with the addition of an ‘Other’ option. You can find this poll here.

Someone mentioned how they would be curious to see Jekyll’s version of these results so I create the same poll over in their forums. You can find the Jekyll version here.

Here’s how they compare:

This data is mostly for show. It can be inaccurate because:

  • perhaps only a certain type of user who prefers a certain OS uses forums
  • the sample size is small, 30 for Hugo and 22 for Jekyll

OS & Arch Usage Based on GitHub Releases Downloads

GitHub Releases downloads don’t have any stats shown on their pages. I have found out however that this information is available via the GitHub API. While prepping to write a little something to pull the data I needed from the GitHub API, I came across a project called Github Release Stats (they left the ‘h’ lowercase, not me 😄).

Awesome. I used this neat little project to pull stats for the last two Hugo releases, v0.53 and v0.54.0. The broken out data can be found in a table below, but first I wanted to show pie charts based on OS downloads, CPU bitrate, and CPU arch.

By Operating System

By Bitrate and Architecture

As with my previous notes, these numbers aren’t completely accurate. Many Hugo users on Linux will install via Snap, Deb, or RPM packages. Many macOS users will install via Brew. And so on. The data above is strictly GitHub Releases downloads.

The Broken Down Results

Here’s the actual numbers per each release binary/tarball that I found.

OS Hugo v0.53 Hugo v0.54.0 Total
DragonFlyBSD 64bit 58 23 81
FreeBSD 32bit 24 6 30
FreeBSD 64bit 79 31 110
FreeBSD ARM 22 3 25
Linux 32bit 376 156 532
Linux 64bit 27,850 12,260 40,110
Linux ARM 233 120 353
Linux ARM64 173 56 229
macOS 32bit 24 8 32
macOS 64bit 1,781 890 2,671
NetBSD 32bit 12 3 15
NetBSD 64bit 11 7 18
NetBSD ARM 7 5 12
OpenBSD 32bit 11 2 13
OpenBSD 64bit 23 7 30
OpenBSD ARM 11 4 15
Windows 32bit 393 193 586
Windows 64bit 18,353 11,622 29,975
Total 49,441 25,396 74,837
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