I Made a Pocket Casts Desktop App for Linux

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I’m a long-time Pocket Casts user. Not only do I love the Android app (it’s one of the few I pay for), I use to love listening to Russell Ivanovic, the creator of Pocket Casts, talk about it on the Material podcast.

It’s everywhere - my Android phone, Android tablet, Google Cast, and even in my car with Android Auto. Well, almost everywhere. As most companies do, they neglected to make a desktop app for Linux (they recently made one for Windows).

I decided to whip something up.

The Pocket Casts Linux Desktop app

Full disclosure, this isn’t a proper native Linux app (Pocket Casts doesn’t have public APIs) and I have no affiliation with them. Since Pocket Casts has a very usable webapp, I decided to take that and package it for desktop using Electron. It works pretty well so far, try it out! The install methods and screenshots are below.

Install Pocket Casts Desktop

Right now I have only packaged this app for Linux and it’s available via Snap, .deb, and the Ubuntu Software store. You can also find the code up on GitHub.

Linux Snap (Snapcraft)

Get it from the Snap Store


sudo snap install pocket-casts

Ubuntu Software store

Just open the Ubuntu Software app on your Ubuntu desktop and search for “Pocket Casts”.


The .deb files are available via GitHub Releases.

Other OSs

Let me know in a GitHub Issue or comment below and I’ll see what I can do.


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