Keep the Bits Flowing, Get Pop!_OS 19.10 via Torrent

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As far as I know, System76 doesn’t provide torrents for their ISO downloads and that’s a shame. I decided to make some for their two releases, the standard x86_64 ISO as well as the Nvidia ISO. Basically, the Nvidia version is the same as the first one but the Nvidia graphic drivers are preloaded.

The SHA256 sum for the regular ISO is: b6d54360f0655d4f7cbd80211b3bfb476066fa9d86d6fcfa864953b7fcb5ec69
The SHA256 sum for the Nvidia ISO is: 609bab3f920ed961730d677740bba2c90a1ced46ba75a1a7d0dfd076c6f4b4d3

You can verify these for yourself on their download page.

Congratulations to the System76 Team!

Here are the torrents for both the Intel/AMD 64-bit and Nvidia releases:

Don’t forget to seed! I will be.

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