Linode Datacenters Desktop Wallpaper

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I’ve made a series of CircleCI desktop wallpapers for absolutely no reason except that it was fun. I decided to try and do a Linode one in celebration of their 11th datacenter opening soon. When I started working there they had 4 datacenters and 6 by the time I left. They’re at 11 now, including highly asked for locations such as Canada, India, and Australia. Very exciting.

This one has the very boring name, “Datacenters”.

You’ll find the preview in this post but you can download the full resolution 4K/16:9 version (for normal screens) and a nearly-4K/16:10 version (for Macbook-like screens) from the links below:

Download from Flickr:

I’ve also made several CircleCI desktop wallpapers of which you can view the entire CircleCI Wallpaper Flickr Album.

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