My 2019 Goals

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Near the end of December I wrote a friendly post on social media asking about what everyone’s 2019 goals were. I wanted to have a fun discussion and see what people were striving for and interested in for the new year. I got several likes on the post but no comments - not a single one.

I was a bit disappointed. Do my friends and family not have goals? Are they too personal to share? I’m not sure but I decided to lead by example instead of wondering. Here are my 2019 goals.


  1. Complete a 6 mile (or more) run
  2. Launch my first SaaS product
  3. Hold at least 10 Write the Docs NYC meetups in 2019
  4. Read 10 books
  5. Launch my first crowd-funding campaign
  6. Reach 800 followers on Twitter
  7. Launch 3 side projects

My Goals in Detail

1. Complete a 6 mile (or more) run - The furthest I’ve ever run non-stop was 5.71 miles. This was back in August of 2013 before my heart problems kicked in and eventually prevented me from running at all. Years later, I can run again but haven’t even been able to reach 4 miles.

I hope to break past 4 miles and into the 6 mile range sometime in 2019! You can follow along with my runs on Twitter and Instagram.

2. Launch my first SaaS product - I’m aiming to launch my first Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product this year aiming at makers, programmers, entrepreneurs, and businesses who manage webapps, Internet services, and side projects. Stay tuned here for future posts on this including the private and public betas.

3. Hold at least 10 Write the Docs NYC meetups in 2019 - I “run” the Write the Docs NYC meetups. I put run in quotes because I’ve done a poor job of keeping meetups consistent. I hosted 2 meetups in 2017 and 1 in 2018. Sad.

I look to improve this.

4. Read 10 books - Self explanatory really. I read A LOT now, but mostly blog posts. I’d like to expand into proper books this year.

5. Launch my first crowd-funding campaign - This is a stretch goal. I have a very big project idea that would require very big money. If other, smaller goals of mine work out, I’d be creating and launching my first crowdfunding campaign in the second half of this year.

6. Reach 800 followers on Twitter - Another self explanatory one. I intend to grow my audience which will help any projects and side projects that I have. After hitting 700 followers, I’d slowed down considerably. I’d like to start growing this again in 2019.

7. Launch 3 side projects - I have a problem with creating things. I also and trying to make something new, typically never finishing the previous thing. I’m committing myself to completing at least 3 side projects this year. My SaaS I’m working on and my employer work doesn’t count.

Publicly sharing your goals can raise the likelihood that you complete them. Now people know about them, so you feel a slight social pressure to rise to the challenge, right?

So let’s do this! Do you have any goals for this year!?

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