My November 2020 Linux Snap Package Metrics

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I maintain a several Snap packages (installable Linux software packages) and I’ve been very interested in the metrics that Snapcraft (the Snap Store) provides. It’s a (minor) indicator of how large the snap user base is (or at least growth) as well as how useful a snap may or may not be. Plus, it’s a nice feeling to see the usage of something I’ve made go up. In October of 2018 I started this Linux Snap Package Metrics series and I’m trying to report back every few months with the numbers.

Here’s the metrics for snaps I maintain for the past month:

Snap # Active Devices % Change
circleci 1,797 +13.1%
cu-ddns 44 -4.3%
gotham 14 +27.3%
hub 3,780 -11.6%
linode-cli 124 +3.3%
para 16 +300.0%
pocket-casts 788 +4.1%
scc 530 +18.3%
sonar 79 +618.2%
zsync 222 -0.9%

There’s a couple items of note here:

  • I’m starting to see a regular drop in usage of hub. I attribute this to GitHub launching their alternative and more “official” gh CLI. It’s a shame but that’s life.
  • Two of my projects, para and Sonar had huge jumps. I’m not too sure why. They’re newer projects so maybe it just took time for search engines to find it?
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