Three Years In, I Have a New Role at CircleCI

At the start of 2016 I signed on to be a Developer Evangelist at CircleCI. I left Linode and New Jersey behind to drive across the entire country. I settled into San Francisco and started my new job at this little startup with less than 50 people.

Three years later I’m back home in New York City, completed my U.S. Navy contract, had a baby girl (thank you for the time off CircleCI), and the company is now at 150+ people. A lot has changed with the platform as well.

My 2019 Goals

Near the end of December I wrote a friendly post on social media asking about what everyone’s 2019 goals were. I wanted to have a fun discussion and see what people were striving for and interested in for the new year. I got several likes on the post but no comments - not a single one.

I was a bit disappointed. Do my friends and family not have goals? Are they too personal to share? I’m not sure but I decided to lead by example instead of wondering. Here are my 2019 goals.

September 12th: 2001 vs 2018

Yesterday was the 17th anniversary of the September 11th attacks. As a New Yorker, American, and a human, this day was extremely impactful for me. To this day, it is severely important to me as well.

I shared a quick social media post that I have included below: